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Blast Freezer Manufacturer
Updated about March 28
Freezing is an important processing method in the modern meat industry. Frozen meat is an important form of meat storage and circulation. Freezing technology is one of the important factors affecting meat quality and enterprise productivity. Only the emphasis on improving and improving the freezing technology can produce frozen meat. gf-machine , Blast freezer Manufacturers Share Common Meat Freezing Technology There are various methods for freezing meat. According to the way of cooling medium and food contact, it can be divided into three categories: air freezing method, indirect contact freezing method, and direct contact freezing method. The air freezing method refers to a method in which cold air is exchanged with meat by natural convection or forced convection during the freezing process. The common forms are a blast, fluidized, tunnel, and spiral. The medium of the law is air, rich in resources, and has no toxic side effects, so the application of zui is extensive. However, since the thermal conductivity of the air is poor, the heat transfer coefficient with the meat is small, so the required freezing time is long and the energy consumption is large. The indirect contact freezing method refers to a method in which meat is placed on a cold wall cooled by a refrigerant, in direct contact with it, but indirectly in contact with a refrigerant. This method has low energy consumption, good quality, low meat consumption, simple operation, and strong adaptability, but it is difficult to control the shape of the meat after freezing. The direct contact freezing method refers to a method in which meat (packaged or unpackaged) is directly contacted with a freezing liquid for heat exchange, and is rapidly cooled and frozen. Common forms are spray and impregnation. This method is a high-quality method because of its fast freezing speed, low dry consumption, and no problem of acidification and discoloration of meat. However, the operating cost is high, for example, the liquid nitrogen consumption is very expensive, and at the same time, for the consideration of human health, the required freezing liquid is non-toxic and has no odor, and should have more considerations in food safety and hygiene. The development of freezing technology is very rapid. In addition to the technologies involved in the above three methods, many new freezing technologies have been developed, such as the film wrapping and freezing technology commonly used for frozen shrimp, the uniform temperature freezing technology, the high-pressure freezing technology, etc., among which advanced high-voltage static electricity Quick freezing technology. The principle of high-voltage electrostatic quick-freezing technology is to realize the quick freezing method by acting on the water molecules in the meat through the electrostatic force of the high-voltage electrostatic field. This technology is a green freezing technique that can relieve the risk of irregular ice crystals destroying meat tissue cells, improve water retention and reduce wear and tear. information about Blast freezer :
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