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Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine
Updated about August 29, 2019
Centrifuges are generally used in a chemical industry, power generation, light industry, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other industries often used in a mechanical device. Its working principle is that the drum and the impeller rotate at a high speed in the same direction at a certain speed. The material is continuously introduced into the conveying screw inner cylinder by the feeding tube, and then enters the rotating drum after acceleration. Under the action of the centrifugal force field, the heavier solid phase deposition A sediment layer is formed on the drum wall. The conveying screw continuously pushes the deposited solid phase to the cone end of the drum, and is discharged outside the machine through the slag discharging port. The lighter liquid phase forms an inner liquid ring, which overflows the drum from the overflow end of the drum end and exits the machine through the liquid discharge port. So how to fix if the centrifuge wears out? The following supplier of Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine will tell you: First, the surface treatment: 1. Repair the defective part of the centrifuge, and select the steel plate/steel with the same material or the equipment substrate for the skeleton welding; 2. Degreasing and dehumidification treatment: remove the grease on the surface of the workpiece and wipe the surface of the workpiece with new cotton yarn. The flame was adjusted to 10 cm length with oxygen acetylene, and the flame was repeatedly and uniformly baked on the surface of the workpiece at a speed of 5 cm/min to remove grease and moisture on the surface of the workpiece; 3. Rust removal: Remove the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece, and cover the parts that do not need to be treated. Second, sizing: 1. Preheat the equipment that has been sandblasted, mix and mix the A and B components of RJ-C-14 equipment special repair materials in a ratio of 38:1 (weight), and fix the mixture with a batch knife or plastic scraper. The material is applied to the worn parts of the equipment, applied in one direction, and compacted while being applied; the surface of the coated material is repaired and flattened using a scraper; 2. Curing: It is naturally cured at room temperature of 30 ° C for 24 hours, and the curing time can be extended under different conditions. Third, the grinding acceptance: 1. Grinding: The workpiece after warming and curing is strictly polished according to the size of the workpiece, and is ground to the standard size; 2. Acceptance: The equipment is assembled to ensure normal operation, and the sealing mating surface should be tested. Fourth, note: 1. Mix in strict proportion to the RJ equipment repair materials and mix well. Uneven mixing will result in local non-wearing. 2. After fully mixing the material, it should be used up within 3 minutes, otherwise the material will solidify and harden, and the cured material cannot be used. information about centrifugal barrel finishing machine :
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