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Centrifugal Barrelfinishing Machine
Updated about August 26, 2019
The most important thing in the grinding movement is to realize the cutting movement of the abrasive. Therefore, the quality of the movement will directly affect the precision and production efficiency during grinding. Then the supplier of Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine will share the following points about the grinding movement: 1. When processing workpieces, the whole grinding movement should be as smooth as possible from beginning to end. Especially for workpieces with small and slender grinding area, more attention should be paid to slow the change of movement force direction to avoid small turning, and the movement direction should show deviation from the long side direction of the workpiece and slow down the movement speed. Otherwise, the uneven surface of the ground will be caused by the unstable movement, or quality defects such as falling edges and corners. 2. The grinding movement should ensure that the workpiece can uniformly contact the entire surface of the polishing disc with grinding. In this way, the surface can be uniformly loaded and worn, thus the surface accuracy of the research tool itself can be maintained for a long time. 3. During the grinding movement, the grinding tool and the workpiece should be in a floating state instead of a forced limiting state. In this way, the workpiece can be better contacted with the surface of the grinding polishing disc, and the geometric shape of the surface of the grinding tool can be accurately and effectively transmitted to the workpiece, so that the grinding polishing machine cannot be influenced too much by the precision of the grinding polishing machine itself 4. The grinding movement shall ensure that the workpiece is uniformly grinded, i.e. the distance traveled by each point on the surface of the workpiece to be grinded shall be equal. This requires that the grinding movement should preferably be parallel to the plane, and this movement can connect any two points on the surface of the workpiece to form a line, which can always be parallel in the whole grinding movement, which is very important to ensure the accuracy of the geometric shape of the workpiece and the uniformity of the size. 5. The selected grinding movement should make the movement track change direction regularly, and try to avoid premature repetition. In this way, numerous cutting streaks on the surface of the workpiece can be offset with each other in a regular staggered way, and gradually become more and more flat, thus achieving the ultimate goal of improving the human surface accuracy required by the workpiece. 6. When the grinding and polishing machine moves, the grinding movement should also select the best grinding speed according to different grinding process requirements. For example, when processing slender large-size workpieces, it is necessary to select low-speed grinding, mainly because the obtained precision is higher. When grinding small-sized or low-precision workpieces, medium speed or high speed is usually selected, which can meet the requirements of workpieces and improve the working efficiency. information about centrifugal barrel finishing machine :
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