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Fruit Dryer Machine Manufacturers
Updated about March 7, 2019
fruit dryer machine manufacturers share the need to pay attention to the use of fruit and vegetable processing equipment: 1, Before using the fruit and vegetable processing equipment, first, check all parts of the equipment. If the parts are damaged, they should be repaired or replaced in time to avoid danger during the use and cause trouble for the work. 2, when using the fruit and vegetable processing equipment, we must pay attention to clean it, because, in the processing, it is inevitable that there will be leaves on the top, so users must pay attention when using, do not affect the next use. It is important to note that when cleaning, do not use detergents with high acid and alkali content to avoid corrosion on fruit and vegetable processing equipment. 3, when using fruit and vegetable processing equipment, personnel must not leave the equipment without authorization, to avoid abnormal conditions of the equipment, resulting in danger and unnecessary losses. information about fruit dryer machine :
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