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Fruit Dryer Machine Manufacturers
Updated about March 12
Nowadays, fruit and vegetable washing machines are used to clean fruits and vegetables in the food processing industry. Fruits and vegetables washed with fruit and vegetable washing machines are safer and more reliable. The following fruit dryer machine manufacturers share the following when using the fruit and vegetable washing machine: 1. Before use, check whether there is any leak or leak in the pipeline. If the cleaning fluid is enough, this must be done before use. 2. Run about 2 minutes before running to check whether the transmission system is normal and whether the conveyor belt is abnormal. 3, the drainage oil work should also be done before the start of cleaning, so take advantage of the rest time, so as not to affect the normal cleaning work. 4. Place the fruits and vegetables that need to be cleaned neatly on the conveyor belt. The vegetables that need to be cleaned on the transport belt should not be piled up too much, otherwise, the cleaning effect will be affected and the washing will be carried out in time. This is what we should pay attention to when using the fruit washing machine. Proper use of the equipment can save time and effort and improve our work efficiency. information about fruit dryer machine :
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