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How To Install The Fruit Dryer Machine
Updated about March 1
When the fruit dryer machine is transported by the manufacturer to your factory, you must first perform a routine inspection of the fruit dryer to check whether it has purchased the machine and whether it is damaged or unusable during the delivery process. The problem should be taken immediately and with the manufacturer. Before using the fruit dryer, you should determine the location of the fruit dryer. The location of the transportation channel, raw material turnover, water intake, steam inlet, and sewer should be considered. Here, Guanfeng Food Machinery reminds the fruit dryer to be installed and dehydrated. Machines, dryers and other equipment together reduce the distance between these devices and prevent subsequent troubles caused by improper selection of locations. The fruit dryer belongs to one of the larger and heavier drying equipment, so the machine should be installed on a solid foundation and kept horizontal to prevent the equipment from being caused by the uneven location of the site and the installation location. Large vibrations occur during work, which affects drying efficiency and service life. Refer to the instruction manual of the fruit dryer, find the electrical control cabinet door of the industrial washing machine according to the relevant contents in the manual, and connect the 380V three-phase power supply line and the neutral line according to the binding post, so as to complete the installation inspection to the final normal use step by step. information about fruit dryer machine :
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