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The water purifier is composed of spare parts with different functions. We know that the core component of the water purifier is the filter element of the water purifier. In addition to the filter element, the average user knows very little about other Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) https://www.kokoelectric.com/ . So, what are the spare parts of a standard water purifier? 1. Computer board (controller): The control board is the core component of the water purifier and controls the normal operation of the whole water purifier. 2. High-voltage switch: when the pressure of the water purifier is too high, the high-voltage switch will be closed to prevent damage to the filter element. 3. Water inlet solenoid valve: The function of the water inlet solenoid valve is to open the water inlet during water making or flushing, and close the water inlet during standby or power failure, so as to achieve the purpose of not wasting water when the machine is not working. 4. Pressure barrel: The function of the pressure barrel is to store water when you do not need it, and to discharge water for your use when you use it. 5. Reverse osmosis membrane: under a certain pressure, water molecules can pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, while impurities such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matters, colloid, bacteria, viruses and the like in the source water cannot pass through the RO membrane, thus strictly distinguishing permeable pure water from impermeable concentrated water. 6. Filter element: The filter element of the water purifier is to clean the polluted water to a state required by production and life, that is, to make the water reach certain cleanliness. Remove solid particles from water, kill bacteria and filter out harmful chemical components. 7. Non-return valve: The function of the non-return valve is to maintain pressure. Prevent pure water from flowing back into the reverse osmosis membrane and flowing out of the wastewater pipe, and at the same time cause the high-pressure pipeline to lose pressure and the motor to start repeatedly. 8. Gooseneck faucet: Gooseneck faucet solves the problems of running water, dripping water and leaking water in the traditional faucet, and the pressure of water outlet is not high, so that water will not be everywhere when in use. 9. Chassis: The service life of the plastic shell is shorter than that of stainless steel, but it is not as fast as that of plastic in the use of replacement. Each has its own advantages. 10. Frame: the structural material of the water purifier. 11. Inlet tee: a pipe fitting in a drain pipe, used for vertical connection between a branch pipe and the main pipe. 12. Booster pump: The booster pump is installed in the pipeline to increase the water pressure when water passes through the pump. 13. Power adapter: The power supply conversion equipment of water purifier is generally composed of components such as casing, transformer, inductor, capacitor, control IC, PCB board, etc. Its working principle is converted from AC input to DC output. 14. Low-voltage switch: The function of a low-voltage switch is to protect the machine when the water supply is cut off or the water pressure is insufficient in the home. When the water supply is cut off or the water pressure is insufficient, the low-voltage switch will disconnect the machine and stop working automatically to prevent the booster pump from idling without water and causing damage to the circuit of the machine. The above water purifier spare parts basically cover the components included in an ordinary water purifier. The accessories not mentioned may not be listed due to the unique functions of some water purifiers or the limitations of different models such as water softeners and water purifiers. With the continuous development of water purifier technology, the types and functions of water purifier spare parts are also continuously derived and updated. Currently, the types of water purifier spare parts are also being extended for the new generation of water purifier products based on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology. Water purifier accessories are also gradually showing the characteristics of small volume, intelligence, multifunction and light materials. Click Water Filter Spare Parts https://www.kokoelectric.com/ to learn about more information.

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