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Frozen foods, frozen foods, and generally frozen foods. Foods with a freezing temperature below -30 °C are called frozen foods, while foods with a freezing temperature between -18 °C and -23 °C are called frozen foods. Frozen foods with a true freezing temperature below -30 °C have little nutrient loss because the freezing time is very short. However, frozen and slow-frozen foods are not. They need to freeze for a long time, the freezing temperature is high, vegetables and meat will lose a lot of vitamins and amino acids, while some manufacturers' quick-freezing technology is not up to standard, the temperature is not low enough, and freezing cannot be achieved quickly. It is also facing this problem. The most easily overlooked and most ubiquitous and unavoidable are: quick-frozen foods and dairy products that also need to be refrigerated and preserved. Even if they are kept in the process of production, they can be kept at a low temperature and can be kept in a low-temperature cabinet. When the factory is moved to the car, the car is moved to the supermarket freezer, when people buy it out of the freezer and not put it back in time, it will be under non-cryogenic conditions for a long time, which will not only lead to quick freezing. Food thaws, forming liquid water and the loss of large amounts of water-soluble vitamins and mineral salts, and is more likely to cause food to deteriorate before the end of the shelf life. The following Guanfeng Food Machinery manufacturers give the following recommendations: 1. When you go to the supermarket for purchase, you should finally select and purchase quick-frozen food before checkout. Try not to pick out the freezer and choose it for yourself and everyone. 2. Do not take frozen food on the surface of the food or in the package when it is selected, as this proves that the food has been frozen repeatedly. 3. try to choose a well-known brand of frozen food, not only for the sake of eating a bad stomach, but also the possibility of quality problems with well-known brands. 4. Do not buy frozen foods near the shelf life. 5. do not directly soak into the warm water when thawing, even if it is not through the packaging bag, it is best to freeze from the frozen layer of the refrigerator to the cold room, near 0 ° C, less nutrient loss. 6. When cooking, it should be cooked strictly according to the time written on the packaging bag, so as not to be too short and not ripe, and there are pathogenic bacteria, which is harmful to health. information about Guanfeng Food Machinery : https://www.gf-machine.com/

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