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With the rapid development of the grinding equipment industry. Someone asked what is the grinding method of the plane grinder? The following Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine suppliers are here to talk about you: 1. Electrochemical grinding: The advantages of this grinding method are that the specular gloss is kept long, the process is relatively stable, the pollution is low and the cost is relatively low, and the corrosion resistance is good; but the disadvantage is high anti-pollution The one-time investment in processing equipment is relatively large, complex parts require tooling, auxiliary electrodes and a large number of production cooling facilities. 2. Mechanical grinding: A bit of this grinding method is that the leveling of the parts after processing is very good, and the brightness is also high; but the disadvantage is that the labor intensity is relatively large, the pollution is serious, and it cannot be processed for complicated parts. And there is his inconsistency in his luster. 3. Chemical grinding: This grinding method is a bit of investment in processing equipment, complex parts can also be ground, the speed is relatively high efficiency; the disadvantage is that the light brightness is poor, the gas is easy to overflow. information about centrifugal barrel finishing machine :

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