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It is said that the polishing machine is already a very popular product. It is used in various industries. Many types of polishing machines are similar, so today the Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine supplier will share the steps of using the commonly used polishing machine. 1. Turn on the machine and unscrew the “Emergency Stop” button; 2. Adjust the sink card position to properly lock the sink, record the data of each card position, and take a picture of the position of the caliper (Note: align the water hole with the center of the turntable); 3. Number the program name and “reset” to the original position; 4. Adjust the depth of the grinding wheel, pay attention to adjust the lower limit position of the sensor and the screw position; 5. the existing data "data clear", press "debug stop", "debug start" light is on, debugging starts, the steps are as follows: a. "Before the grinding wheel", move the grinding wheel forward to the appropriate position; b. "Workpiece positive" rotates the workpiece by a certain angle; c. After the “grinding wheel”, move the grinding wheel back to the proper position so that the grinding wheel is in close contact with the arc of the sink. 6. After the polishing machine is commissioned, “monitor” the data to check if abnormal data appears. If so, correct it; 7. After the correction is completed, press “Debug Start”, the debug start light is off, and the debugging is finished; “Tune to “Auto” block, then “Reset”, turn “Auto Start”, and try to throw the sink; 8. Check the polishing effect, make corrections, and complete the debugging. information about centrifugal barrel finishing machine :

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