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Today, the Vibratory Finishing Machine manufacturer describes how the vibration polishing process is? The vibratory polishing process involves placing parts, media, and compounds into a vibrating bucket or bowl. Vibration creates a force on the part that causes the media and parts to rotate and grind each other, thereby deburring or polishing a large number of parts. Vibration polishing can be used for deburring and other batch polishing applications such as polishing, cleaning, descaling and surface treatment. The configuration of the vibrating equipment is usually a batch barrel, a round bowl or a straight-through machine, which can result in the process of not being able to deburr or sand by hand. Vibration finishing tends to produce smoother finishes without causing excessive surface wear, which increases durability and extends component life. On the other hand, vibratory polishing equipment and systems are more complex than drum polishing systems, which also makes them more expensive to purchase, own and operate. However, although the roller system does produce significantly less wear on the abrasive media, it takes longer to complete the finishing task, which is another cost saving advantage. information about vibratory finishing machine :

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