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When you are constantly discovering various robotic arms in your circle of friends instead of manual work in the first-line production operation, don't be envious, don't be discouraged. In the future production and life, automation will be an undeniable development trend. Let me tell you here. The composition of the automated production of the gf-machine fruit dryer machine line. Due to the different processing techniques of different fruits, we will use a simple apple as a case to explain the components of the automation equipment of this fruit dryer production line. Below we will briefly understand the process of the simple fruit dryer production line: the screened apple needs to go through the process of peeling, and the apple after peeling machine needs to go through the core and go through the nuclear removal machine. Apples have different processing methods. Some customers require apples to be cut into pieces. This sliced ​​apple is also easier to dry. Some customers need to cut the apples in half. After slicing or cutting the apples, they can The tray can be used for drying in the room. It can also be transported into the mesh belt dryer. It can be fully automated. The apple flaps dried by the mesh belt dryer can be packaged through the measuring and packaging machine. Library, waiting for the sale. If the processor uses the drying room mode for drying, it takes up to three people to process the fabric for one ton of fruit. However, this method requires a turnover basket to be used for turnover, otherwise, it will wait until the last batch of apple slices is dried. Apple chips still have to wait for a while to enter the room to dry, and the mesh belt dryer does not need to turn around, the directly sliced ​​apple slices can be directly clothed to the mesh belt dryer for direct drying, but the net The cost of the belt dryer needs to be invested more than the mode of the drying room. The specific drying method is determined according to the individual needs and economic strength of the processor. At present, the mode of drying the drying room or the mesh belt dryer is a boiler steam dryer (burning coal, natural gas, etc.), electric heating, air energy, and the like. However, according to the current domestic environmental monitoring, the drying methods of waste gas pollution such as coal and biological particles are no longer feasible. Although natural gas is not polluted, the cost of piping or the cost of canned liquefied gas is enormous, and many customers cannot afford it. The cost of the electric heating mode is not too much expensive compared to natural gas. information about fruit dryer machine : https://www.gf-machine.com/

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