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The Water Filter Cartridges(KOKOELECTRIC) https://www.kokoelectric.com/product/water-filter-cartridges/ of the water purifier remove most of the substances in the water and filters tap water into drinkable pure clear water. Its core skill is RO reverse osmosis. In a word: the water from the pure water machine is equivalent to the bottled pure water on the market. If Maifanitum is added, it is roughly equivalent to the mineral water bought. Main Features: Most products require water filter cartridges of a water purifier, which is a five-stage filter. The better one is five-stage filtration, the first stage is PP fiber water filter cartridges, the second and third stages are activated carbon, the fourth stage is hollow fiber membrane or ceramic filtration, and the fifth stage is post activated carbon, which is mainly used to improve the taste. The outlet water is normal temperature water. If hot water or ice water is needed, the wire/water dispenser needs to be connected again. Some or all of the harmful substances in tap water can be filtered out, and tap water can be purified into drinkable clear water. Its core skills are mainly microfiltration (PP fiber cotton and activated carbon), ultrafiltration (hollow fiber), KDF, ceramic filter element, etc. First features: generally, there is no power supply, no motor, and the filter is driven by tap water pressure. there is no water storage tank. the outlet water is normal temperature water. if you need hot water or ice water, you need to take over the wire machine/water dispenser again. Key results: remove residual chlorine, impurities, peculiar smell, heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances in water, filter out impurities, rust, some bacteria, viruses, colloids, etc. in tap water, and some types have the function of preventing scale. As for the water from the water purifier, it is purified water with minerals in tap water that can be drunk raw. The first difference is whether the minerals in the water can be filtered out. Water treatment equipment that uses ion exchange skills to reduce calcium and magnesium ion content in water and soften medium-hard water into soft water. Its core skill is ion-exchange skill. Water softeners are mainly used to treat daily water, remove water alkali and cannot be drunk directly. They are mainly used for bathing, beauty treatment, and laundry. Many good beauty shops use water softeners to beautify their customers. The primary characteristic of the water filter cartridges of the water purifier is that the core component is a resin plus softened salt tank. Generally, there is an active control valve, which can pass through such operations as active regeneration of time or flow rate. If you are interested in our products, you can click Water Filters Manufacturer https://www.kokoelectric.com/product/water-filters/ to learn more information.

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