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Today, the Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine manufacturer has come to share the knowledge of drum machines. 1. Main structure and working principle It consists of the main motor, the worm gear box transmission system, the pulley shifting, the main worm gear box transmission, the octagonal roller, the electric control box, the sector gear and the bracket. The elevation angle is 45° and the depression angle is 60°. It is realized by the small worm gear box driving the sector gear. When the drum rotates upward in the direction of 45 degrees, the grinding stone in the drum and the workpiece move relative to each other, thereby achieving the deburring and polishing effect on the surface of the part. 2. The use and scope of the drum machine can be: It is mainly used for deburring and surface polishing of various hardware parts such as small hardware parts, standard parts and instruments, watches, bicycles, sewing machines, bearings, automobiles, electrical devices, plastics, non-ferrous metals, valuable handicrafts and other industries. Especially for the surface finishing of shaped parts, it has its unique superior function. After finishing the machine, the parts not only maintain the original shape and position accuracy, but also improve the surface roughness accuracy of the parts by 1~2, which is widely used for batch small parts finishing. The grinder has a simple and firm structure and no hidden troubles. It can be completely unmanned with a timer, and one person can operate 3~4 units at the same time. information about centrifugal barrel finishing machine :

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