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Vibratory Finishing Machine Manufacturer
Updated about August 8, 2019
The vibration motor is equipped with an eccentric block at both ends of the motor shaft, which uses the high-speed rotation to generate the exciting force to drive the equipment to work. However, due to its special structure, its service life is much shorter than that of ordinary motors, which can cause the burning of ordinary motors. The following Vibratory Finishing Machine manufacturers simply analyze the causes and preventive measures of several other vibration motors. . 1. Loose bolts of anchor bolts This is one of the main faults causing the vibration motor to burn out. Due to the special structure of the vibration motor itself, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block at both ends has to impact the anchor bolt twice every minute, and then the vibration motor itself In the vibration, the anchor bolts are very easy to loosen. Once a bolt is loose, it will cause other bolts to loosen or even break in a short period of time, thus burning the motor. Precaution: 1 Reinforce the anchor bolts frequently. 2 Increase the anti-loose device. 3 Ensure good contact between the ground surface and the motor floor, so that several anchor bolts are evenly stressed. 2. Installation problem Because the vibrating motor is equipped with heavier eccentric blocks at both ends, such as vertical or inclined installation (ie vertical or inclined horizontal plane), the bearing axial direction is subject to the gravity of the eccentric mass. If there is no special device (ie, flat bearing) in the vibration motor, it will have a bad influence on the bearing, thus shortening the service life. Precaution: 1 Select the vertical vibration motor (that is, add a flat bearing inside). 2 Try to avoid vertical or inclined installation. 3. Adjustment problem of eccentric block When adjusting the eccentric block, the direction of the eccentric block at both ends is reversed, so that the vibration motor generates a space torque, so that the vibration motor operates in an abnormal state, thereby causing burnout. Therefore, when adjusting the eccentric block, it is necessary to pay attention to its symmetry, that is, the eccentric block at both ends should correspond to each other, or the center of gravity of the eccentric block at both ends should be parallel to the axis of rotation and cannot be in a different state. 4. The sealing problem of the protective cover Since the working environment of the vibration motor is very harsh and the dust is large, if the protective cover is not tightly sealed, it is easy to enter the dust, causing the frictional operation of the eccentric block, thereby burning the motor. Therefore, in a place with a bad working environment, one must increase the seal of the protective cover, and secondly, always clean the dust inside the protective cover. 5. Ambient temperature The temperature of the material conveyed by the equipment should not be too high. Because the vibration motor and the equipment are rigidly connected, it can be said that it is a whole. If the temperature of the material conveyed by the equipment is too high, it will easily cause the temperature of the ground and the casing of the vibration motor to increase, which causes heat dissipation and thus burns the motor. Precaution: 1 Keep the vibration motor away from high temperature materials as far as possible without affecting the operation of the equipment. 2 find ways to reduce the temperature of the material. 6. Heat dissipation problem Ordinary motor - there is a fan at the end. When working, the wind direction flows along the vertical ribs above the casing, which not only dissipates heat quickly, but also removes the dust above, so that the motor works in a good state. The vibration motor can dissipate heat due to no fan, relying on natural cooling, and the working environment is very harsh. The dust is large, and the dust is easily accumulated on the surface of the motor, causing the internal temperature to be too high and burning the motor. Precaution: 1 often remove the dust on the motor surface, so that it works under good conditions. 2 In the design process, the surface of the vibration motor should be as smooth as possible, so that the dust is not easy to accumulate. If working in a dusty environment, the heat dissipation rib on the surface of the casing should be subtracted, because at this time, the heat dissipation ribs can not only dissipate heat. The effect is that it is easy to accumulate dust and hinder the heat dissipation of the motor. information about vibratory finishing machine :
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