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What Factors Does Will Affect The Use of
Updated about September 2, 2019
The filtration precision of Ro Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) reaches 0.0001 micron, which is an excellent water filtration purification product at present and is widely used in the market. However, in use, some external factors may affect the performance of the ro spare parts themselves. So, what factors usually affect ro spare parts? First of all, the raw water quality. Ro spare parts are used to filter impurities in water. Water pollution can be divided into organic pollution and inorganic pollution. If the contaminants are mostly inorganic contaminants, RO membrane products with a lower flow rate can be used to reduce the possibility of crystal formation. In addition, raw water quality will also affect the RO membrane life. In some places, the mining industry is developed, and there are many heavy metals in the water. The impurities filtered by the RO membrane will naturally be more, and the rate of contamination will be faster, so the frequency of replacement will be higher. Second, the front filter. Today's household water purifiers are basically multi-stage filtration, and the reverse osmosis membrane filter is installed behind the pre-filter. Common pre-filters are PP cotton filters and activated carbon filters. They can filter impurities such as rust, suspended solids, colloids and other large particles in water, and absorb heterochromatic odor, reduce the filtration pressure of the RO membrane, and allow the reverse osmosis membrane to be used longer. In addition, changes in temperature and pressure may also affect the performance of the reverse osmosis membrane. For example, in summer, the temperature is high, the water activity is high, and the water production of the RO membrane is relatively large; in winter, the opposite is true. As a pressure-driven purification membrane, if the pressure rises, the desalination rate of the RO membrane will also rise, but eventually, it will reach a constant value. However, if it is a ro spare parts for household water purifiers, consumers should understand the first two factors, because it is related to the actual operation of the water purifier. Moreover, ro spare parts that can be used in household water purifiers are very stable in terms of temperature and pressure. Click Ro System Component to learn about more information.
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