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You Must Understand The Installation Ins
Updated about July 23, 2019
With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to kitchen water, because the kitchen is the place to cook, and clean water is the most needed, so many families choose to use Water Filter Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC) to ensure the health of the water. So what should I pay attention to when installing the water filter spare parts? 1. The height of the faucet The working height of the faucet is very important to prevent fatigue and flexible rotation. In addition, if the faucet is too high, the water is easily splashed. If it is too low, it is easy to soil the faucet, pollute the faucet, and the children are also very easy to play with toys. 2. Avoid other home appliances Once the water filter spare parts leaks, it will interfere with other electrical equipment in the kitchen. Therefore, in addition to special handling during installation, the wiring of the water filter must be separated from other household appliances. 3. The installation position should not be too dark Under normal circumstances, the water filter spare parts are installed under the cabinet, but the water filter needs cleaning, regular inspection, and operation. It is recommended to install the bulb under the cabinet, set a convenient switch device, and fix the drain pipe for future operation. 4. Installation must be firm The installation of the water filter spare parts must be very firm and should not be swayed, otherwise, it will speed up the aging of some components and prevent the water filter from falling, which will endanger the safety of the child. 5. Make the most of the effective space The gap between the suspension cabinet and the operating platform can generally be used. It can be used in the cooking process with some of the required utensils, or as a simple rolling door to prevent dust from falling off the gadget. The water filter should be placed at the bottom, near the edge. 6. Spare parts must comply with national health standards All water-related fittings such as water pipes, fittings, and faucets on the water filter shall comply with national sanitary standards. In the north, do not install outdoors to prevent the UF core from freezing and preventing direct sunlight. When tightening the threaded joint during installation, excessive force should not be applied to prevent the thread of the joint from slipping. The installation method of the water filter is not difficult to say, but more attention is needed. I believe that when installing the water filter in the future, you can pay more attention to the water filter. Click Water Purifier Spare Parts to learn about more information.
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