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IsoSoccer Inaugural Games 2017

Upcoming international IsoSoccer games.

IsoSoccer International Exhibition Games - 2017

The exhibition games will feature IsoSoccer teams from the US and select countries. It will formerly introduce IsoSoccer to the international sports community and offer fans a taste of international and professional caliber IsoSoccer action. This is career-making event for talented players seeking professional opportunities.  

Dates: Summer 2017

Tryouts: Tryouts Starts: Spring 2017

General Location: US and Select countries


IsoSoccer Inaugural Games - Fall 2017

The first series of games to officially launch IsoSoccer will take place in the US in 2017. The games will feature youth and adult, male and female athletes competing at various levels of the sport. Talented soccer players and coaches at the youth, collegiate and semi-pro levels interested in participating in the games can apply for consideration.