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  • Partido Cowboys vs Texans queda cancelado

    El partido de pretemporada Dallas Cowboys contra Houston Texans ha sido oficialmente cancelado Texans viajaron a Dallas el sábado por la noche después de su partido de prete...
  • IsoSoccer Extreme

    A brief info about IsoSoccer.
  • IsoSoccer Inaugural Games - Coming Soon!

    Upcoming US and international IsoSoccer games.
  • The IsoSoccer Story: Making Orange Juice out of Lemons

    The Iso-soccer story is indeed a fantastic one. I never imagined that I would ever create a game or launch a new sport. Serving as a substitute teacher was quite challenging but it also gave me a chance to be innovative. Out of my lemons, I think, I have ...  more
  • IsoSoccer: A Red-Hot Opportunity for Talented Athletes

    Here in the USA, there are many talented soccer players and other athletes who never get the chance to try out for college or professional sports teams. In spite of their best efforts, they are passed over year after year, to the dismay of parents and lov...  more
  • IsoSoccer: The Game is Changed!

    Iso-soccer is a brand new sport played on a uniquely designed square court with four goalposts. It is a spectacular-action, fast-paced game with multi-directional, multi-value, high frequency and double digit goal scoring opportunities. For talented socce...  more