IsoSoccer Programs - 2016


IsoSoccer Demo in Dallas, TX – Fall 2016

The IsoSoccer Demo will offer sports fans in Dallas an opportunity to experience IsoSoccer in action. Talented youth and adult players as well as those just wanting to have fun and stay fit are welcome to participate in this exciting new sport. They will be introduced to official rules of the game, practice drills and scrimmages. There will be prizes at stake for teams.

Date: October 22nd, 2016

Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Venue: Danieldale Park

            500 W. Wheatland Road, Dallas, TX 75232

Tryouts & Training: Tryouts and training starts Oct 10 through Oct 21, from 5:30pm - 7:00pm each day. They are a fun and exciting experience. 

Individuals or teams needing special accommodations can contact us to discuss alternative tryout and training times.

Signup: Limited spots available. To be considered email us your name and the best number to reach you and we will get back to you with details. To reserve a spot, Click Here. 



IsoSoccer Reality Games – Summer 2017

IsoSoccer Star: IsoSoccer is designed to challenge athletes both physically and mentally and the IsoSoccer Star series uses the reality format to offer players, coaches and fans an avenue to experience the excitement of this amazing sport first hand. For budding soccer talents looking for pro opportunities, playing on the IsoSoccer Star is the perfect platform to showcase their skill. There will be various rewards and prizes at stake for contestants.

Dates: Tryouts Starts: Spring 2017, Contest Starts: Summer 2017

General Location: Dallas - Fort Worth metro, Texas


IsoSoccer International Exhibition Games: The exhibition games will feature IsoSoccer teams from the US and select countries. It will formerly introduce IsoSoccer to the international sports community and offer fans a taste of international and professional caliber IsoSoccer action. This is career-making event for talented players seeking professional opportunities.  

Dates: Summer 2017

Tryouts: Tryouts Starts: Spring 2017

General Location: US and Select countries


General Eligibility

IsoSoccer Star

      • Semi-Pro/Collegiate: Men and Women, 18 years and above.
      • Youth/Academy: Boys and Girls, 14 to 17 years (Parental consent required).
      • Skill Level: Basic proficiency in soccer skills to play recreationally or competitively.

IsoSoccer Exhibition Games

      • Collegiate/Semi-Pro/Professional: Men and Women, 18 years and above.
      • Skill Level: Superb soccer skills to play at a highly competitive level.


Registration: There are various packages designed to meet the diverse need of a young talent and to optimize their benefit from the Iso experience. After a tryout and assessment, the successful applicant will be given exciting and competitive options to choose from


Training & Conditioning: For all programs, selected players will be taken through an intensive IsoSoccer orientation and training program to condition and prepare them for the games.


Signup for Tryouts: Tryouts will be held starting spring 2017. If you meet the general eligibility criteria and would like to schedule a tryout, Click Here. 

Signup early for the opportunity to participate in special pre-season promotions and projects.