IsoSoccer Tryouts - 2016


Talented youth and adult soccer players are wanted to participate in the first series of IsoSoccer games, exhibitions and special promotions starting in 2017.

General Eligibility

      • Collegiate & Semi-Pro: Men and Women, 18 yrs and above.
      • Youth: Boys and Girls 12-17yrs (Parental Consent Required).

Tryouts Dates: Tryouts and training starts Oct 10 through Oct 21, from 5:30pm - 7:00pm each day. They are a fun and exciting experience. 

Individuals or teams needing special accommodations can contact us to discuss alternative tryout and training times. 

Coaches, Referees and other Professionals

In addition to players, we are also looking for coaches, referees, game officials, sports announcers, reporters as well as cheerleaders and other entertainers to perform at our events. General eligibility; men and women, 18 years and above.

Highlights and Audition Videos

If available, you may submit at least one 3-minute highlights or audition video online for consideration. You may resubmit multiple times to show us your improved skills or talents. Be creative. Make an effort to stand out. But be clean and family-friendly. No “R”, “X” or other offensive material.

Online Signup

For more information about 2017 programs, Click Here. To signup for a tryout, Click Here.

Internationals: The IsoSoccer opportunities available to athletes and sports professionals in the United States will soon be made available in other countries.