Global Business

Iso-soccer offers amazing opportunities in sports, media and entertainment all over the world, including various levels of partnerships and franchise opportunities. You don’t have to leave your home to share in the great financial rewards of this exciting, brand new sport.

Iso-soccer Hosts and Venues: If you own or operate a sports facility or property and would like it to be considered as a possible venue for an Iso-soccer practice, game or program, you can sign-up and be part of our Venue Network.

Iso-soccer Court Licenses: In order to meet growing demand for Iso-soccer nationally and globally we need Iso-soccer courts installed in strategic places in cities and metros across the globe, for camps, clinics, practices and amateur competitions. Individuals, organizations and businesses can buy licenses to operate Iso-soccer courts in existing or new facilities.

Iso-soccer Club Franchises: If you are an entrepreneur and have a passion for sports, Iso-soccer is the opportunity you have been waiting for. You can own and operate a semi-professional or professional Iso-soccer club franchise. This is the ideal opportunity for current or retired professional athletes who can’t have enough of the arena.

Other Opportunities: Whether you are a business operating in the US or another country, you can take advantage of the many business opportunities Iso-soccer programs offer globally. You can participate as a host, sponsor, advertiser, strategic partner, vendor or in some other capacity in your country of operation or internationally.

Contacting Us: If you or your organization would like to do business with Isosports, please Click Here to contact us.