About Isosports

Isosports International, Inc is a sports, media, and entertainment corporation based in Dallas, Texas in the USA and is currently the world governing body of this amazing brand new high-action super sport, Iso-soccer, and its associated properties. Isosports makes and interprets the rules and regulations of Iso-soccer and is responsible for their enforcement on and off the Iso-soccer court. Isosports aims at becoming a premium sports entertainment brand and will pioneer the development, marketing and promotion of other cutting-edge 21st century sports and entertainment systems. Founded in February of 2007 by Solomon Ofori-Ansah, Isosports has the responsibility of marketing and promoting Iso-soccer nationally, internationally and globally.

Founder and President 

Solomon Ofori-Ansah is the founder and president of Isosports International, Inc. He is a visionary with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the innovative. From just an idea in early 2004, Solomon has developed and grown the concept of Iso-soccer into a full-blown sport and is fully dedicated to taking the sport global and making Isosports a premium 21st century sports entertainment brand. Solomon holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana; a Masters of Divinity from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma; and a Masters Degree in Organization and Management from Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He brings diverse management perspectives and practices to the business of Isosports.