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  • A group of men playing soccer on an open field.

IsoSoccer Celebrates Juneteenth

The very first isoSoccer game was held on June 19, 2010, in Frisco, Texas. Today, as we celebrate the declaration of Juneteenth as an American public holiday, we look forward to celebrating this great holiday in the coming years with isoSoccer games and events...

  • A laptop with the homepage of a soccer website.

New Website Launched for IsoSoccer

IsoSports is excited to announce the launch of our new isoSoccer website! Using our new website, you can easily find information about isoSoccer, stay up-to-date on programs or events, watch game tape, sign up for our e-newsletter, and more...

“Having eyes to see an open door is crucial. But most importantly, we must have the courage to enter therein.”

“” Solomon Ofori-Ansah, Creator of isoSoccer, on What Separates the Prominent From the Obscure

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